A little about the creation of Solar Juice……

Artist/Creator: Lana Caputi

What: Solar Juice, is a wonder blends of home brewed teas with fresh juiced fruits and vegetables. Herbs and roots to compliment. In rhythm with the plant's abundance, Solar Juice caters to the needs of our taste buds and digestive system. Familiar flavors of Okanagan and Shuswap harvest combine with new tastes, Solar Juice becomes an experience like none other.

With no artificial sweeteners, colors or additives.

Gluten Free


Okanagan/Shuswap Fresh organic.

We shop and serve at the Market.


Solar Juice stands on it's own.

It is all natural and needs to be ingested fresh to experience and enjoy it's full benefits.

We have many creations on the menu but you can also create your own blend from the Juice Bar.


   Brewed teas ,

   Fresh juiced with a variety of fruit such as mellons and berries,


   Herbs and roots.

Cold and refreshing, sip it through a straw or gulp it up.

When: Spring, Summer, Fall.

Why: Because if feels good. Tastes good and the benefits are great!

How:We are an Outdoor Mobile Unit

Where: Local Markets and Festivals.  (See Follow Us: Soon posting Events and locations)

"A dance in your mouth &

            a party in your belly!"